£12.99 £ 12. Manufactured ... You previously purchased this product. In 1916 Hubbell received a further patent for a polarised version where one blade was both longer and wider than the other (US patent 1180648[40]), in the polarised version of NEMA 1-15 both blades are the same length, only the width varies. power plug AC power plugs and sockets are devices for removably connecting electrically operated devices to the power supply. Some other countries also have their own plug standard. The type O socket and plug, rated at 16 amps, are the official standard in Thailand. The Soviet GOST 7396 standard includes both the CEE 7/17 and the CEE 7/16 variant II plug. Because the isolation transformer is of low rating, such outlets are not suitable to operate higher-powered appliances such as blow dryers. The type 25 plug has three rectangular pins of the same dimensions as type 23, plus two rectangular pins of the same dimensions as type 15. Some letter types correspond to several current ratings or different technical standards, so the letter does not uniquely identify a plug and socket within the type family, nor guarantee compatibility. This Danish standard plug is described in the Danish Plug Equipment Section 107-2-D1 Standard sheet (SRAF1962/DB 16/87 DN10A-R). They are three-wire circuits (hot, neutral and ground), and are rated at 15 A at 250 V, although they usually carry 110 V. NEMA 5-15P to NEMA 5-15R power cord is the most common type. This plug can be inserted into a Danish Type K socket, but the earth contact will not connect. An unearthed version of this plug with two angled power pins but no earthing pin is used with double-insulated appliances, but the sockets always include an earth contact. This plug type was designed in Germany after the First World War. "Clean" (low electrical noise) earth for use with computer systems. The earth pin is centred between the apertures, offset by 10 mm (0.394 in). The cut-outs cause that the plug is not protected against polarity reversal, since they provide only space for the French ground pins, but it isn’t properly connected. Brazil, which had been using mostly Europlugs, and NEMA 1-15 and NEMA 5-15 standards, adopted a (non-compliant) variant of IEC 60906-1 as the national standard in 1998 under specification NBR 14136 (revised in 2002). Check out our handy list: Older sockets are so shallow that it is possible to accidentally touch the live pins of a plug. Within the series, the arrangement and size of pins will differ, to prevent accidental mating of devices with a higher current draw than the receptacle can support. £19.00 All Colors. Shop a wide range of plug power stock at our online shop today! Check if you need a power plug adapter or voltage converter for the power sockets (outlets) used in that country. types A person, thing, or event considered as a representative of such a category A category of people or things having common characteristics A person of a specified character or nature (type) a subdivision of a… This page was last edited on 29 December 2020, at 11:54. Sockets have a defined polarity; looking at the front, neutral is to the left, earth at the bottom, and line to the right.[32]. Both current-carrying blades on grounding plugs are normally narrow, since the ground pin enforces polarity. Though very rarely seen today, it is still marked as available in BTicino’s catalogue,[64] (except for the three-phase version, which stopped production in July 2011). Other types of plug & sockets are uncommon, then you can choose the Universal travel adapters instead: Modern appliances may only be sold with a fuse of the appropriate size pre-installed. The body is made of fire-resistant thermoset plastic. While all plugs are worn in the same way, it’s important to know these differences in design. The voltage, plug, and socket chart with descriptions will give you the information you need to understand what type of travel power adapter you will need to bring. Among the connector types, C13, C15 and C19 are the most commonly used ones in data centers. The National Electrical Contractors Association's National Electrical Installation Standards (NECA 130-2010) recommends that sockets are mounted with the ground hole up so that a falling object makes first contact with the ground pin. It is not permissible within the UK for the shaver socket to be fitted and used for a higher rated current draw than the 200 mA maximum. The shape of the plugs generally makes it difficult to touch the pins when connecting/disconnecting. [citation needed]. Sometimes the cords used to plug in dual voltage 120 V / 240 V equipment are rated only for 125 V, so care must be taken by travellers to use only cords with an appropriate voltage rating. Physical compatibility of the plug and socket does not ensure correct voltage, frequency, or current capacity. Shutters over the line and neutral pins are mandatory. [61] The decline of the system occurred when safety lids similar to the Magic type were developed[63] for standard sockets. This includes models rated at 10 A and 16 A that differ in contact diameter and spacing (see below for details). The standard is described in TIS 166-2549. As early as 1885 a two-pin plug and wall socket format was available on the British market. The plug has two 4.8 mm round pins, measuring 19 mm in length on centres spaced 19 mm apart. The CEE 7/3 socket and CEE 7/4 plug are commonly called Schuko, an abbreviation for Schutzkontakt, Protective contact to earth. Type D plugs and Type M plugs have round shaped pins and are more commonly used with lighting circuits. It is polarised when used with a French CEE 7/5 socket, but can be inserted two ways into a CEE 7/3 socket. Other Standards: JIS C 8303, AS/NZS 3112 etc. D / F / G. Brunei 240 V. 50 Hz. Standard plugs and sockets based on two round pins with centres spaced at 19 mm are in use in Europe, most of which are listed in IEC/TR 60083 "Plugs and socket-outlets for domestic and similar general use standardized in member countries of IEC". Soviet shaver power cord. [26] This was done because little[citation needed] electrical equipment sold to private users is equipped with a Danish plug. The receptacle has a T-slot for the neutral blade which accepts either 15 A parallel-blade plugs or 20 A plugs. Class I equipment requires an earth contact in the plug and socket, while Class II equipment is unearthed and protects the user with double insulation. In Australia these piggy-back plugs are now available only on pre-made extension leads. This alternative is seldom used. The adaptors were mostly used for low power appliances (for example, connecting both a table lamp and a radio to a socket). The NEMA 5-20 AP variant has blades perpendicular to each other. A European plug will typically be a type C, whereas a US plug type will typically be a type A. [citation needed]. Check your need for a power plug (travel) adapter in Brazil. This style of plug/socket was used by university laboratories (from batteries) and the BBC, and is still in use on parts of the London Underground for 110 V AC voltage supply. There are, however, two-pin sockets and adaptors which will accept both BS 4573 and Europlugs. Right: Plug. Lack of global standardisation means there are now 14 different shapes and sizes of plug sockets from Type A to Type N with power supplies ranging between 100 to 240 volts. The Europlug is also used in the Middle East, Africa, South America, and Asia. So that manufacturers need not build many similar appliances differing only in the type of plug fitted, a common strategy is to provide an IEC 60320 inlet on the appliance and a detachable power cord (mains flex lead) and appropriate plug. There is more than one standard being used in the world. Even so, the Magic security system had some success at first because its enhanced safety features appealed to customers; standard connectors of the day were considered not safe enough. Home; Technical Info. Some plugs have built-in fuses for safety. These sockets accept plugs of equal or lower current rating, but not higher. In some designs, polarised plugs cannot be mated with non-polarised sockets. Convention is for the center pin to be power and the outer sleeve to be ground, but reversing the connections is acceptable. Network engineers that work around the world are well aware of the many different plugs and sockets in use in data centers. Some Type B plugs are made for a 20-amp circuit, and have an angled neutral blade. A 2012 appendix to SEV 1011:2009, SN SEV 1011:2009/A1:2012 Plugs and socket-outlets for household and similar purposes – A1: Multiway and intermediate adaptors, cord sets, cord extension sets, travel adaptors and fixed adaptors[51] defines the requirements applicable to multiway and intermediate adaptors, cord sets, cord extension sets, and travel and fixed adaptors, it covers the electrical safety and user requirements, including the prohibition of stacking (the connection of one adaptor to another). The main difference comes from the way the plug is kept inside a piercing. The only country to have officially adopted the standard is South Africa as SANS 164-2.[29][30]. These plugs and sockets come in different shapes, sizes, voltage and current ratings, connector types, standard names, etc. We list the most traveled countries types of power outlets, sockets, and plugs from around the world. Coordination of technical standards has allowed some types of plug to be used across large regions to facilitate trade in electrical appliances, and for the convenience of travellers and consumers of imported electrical goods. Although being often called "Argentinian plug," it is actually based on the American NEMA 10-20 standard, and is incompatible[how?] CEE 7/1 unearthed sockets accept CEE 7/2 round plugs with 4.8 by 19 mm (0.189 by 0.748 in) pins. It became compulsory on 1 January 2010. But you may have to act fast as this top power plug types is set to become one of the most sought-after best-sellers in no time. It has a round body like the European CEE 7/2 or flat body with a round base like CEE 7/17. Check if you need a power plug adapter or voltage converter for the power sockets (outlets) used in that country. Earlier type 11 & 12 plugs had line and neutral pins without sleeved pins, which present a shock hazard when partially inserted into non-recessed sockets. Indian power Plug Types: C, D, and M; The power plugs and sockets in the India . £16.99 £ 16. South Africa operates on a 230V supply voltage and 50Hz. "Universal" or "multi-standard" sockets are intended to accommodate plugs of various types. The Norwegian standard is NEK 502:2005 – standard sheet X (socket) and sheet XI (plug). Conductors in Dc Power Connectors. Most of North America and Central America, and some of South America, use connectors standardized by the National Electrical Manufacturers Association. Many 3 pin sockets in China include a physical lockout preventing access to the active and neutral terminals unless an earth pin (which is slightly longer than the other 2 pins) is entered first. Select a country from the list on the right. Shutters on the socket prevents foreign objects from contacting live contacts. Some older installations have sockets that are limited to either the 10 A or the 16 A style plug, requiring the use of an adaptor if the other gauge needs to be connected. The CEE 7/16 unearthed plug is used for unearthed appliances. In some countries these adaptors are banned and are not available in shops, as they may lead to fires due to overloading them. The pin length is the same as in the Chinese version. UK shaver sockets are designed to accept BS 4573 shaver plugs while also accepting Europlugs. Commonly known as the dryer plug because it's supplied with most new electric dryers, the NEMA 14-30 comes with four straight prongs or as a twist lock with four prongs. If not hardwired to the supply, electric stoves may be connected to the mains with an appropriate high power connector. The usual Soviet apartment of the 1960s had very few sockets, so this design was very useful, but somewhat unsafe; the brass cylinders of the secondary socket were uncovered at the ends (to allow them to be unscrewed easily), recessed by only 3 mm, and provided bad contact because they relied on the secondary plug's bisected expanding pins. The plug has two round pins measuring 4.8 by 19 mm (0.189 by 0.748 in), spaced 19 mm (0.748 in) apart and with an aperture for the socket's projecting earth pin. CEE 7/1 socket accepts earthed CEE 7/3, CEE 7/5 and CEE 7/7 plugs but provides no earth connection. The current German standards are DIN 49441 and DIN 49440. This standard was intended to one day become common for all of Europe and other regions with 230 V mains, but the effort to adopt it as a European Union standard was put on hold in the mid-1990s.[28]. The Vimar-brand universale (all purpose) socket accepts CEE 7/4, CEE 7/7, CEE 7/16, CEE 7/17, CEI 23-50 S 10, CEI 23-50 S 11, CEI 23-50 S 16, CEI 23-50 S 17 and also NEMA 1-15 (US/Japan) plugs (older versions also had extra holes to accept UK shaver plugs). Australia to UK Adaptor, AIEVE 2/3 Pin AUS China to 3 Pin UK Plug Adapter, Chinese to UK Travel Power Adaptor, UK Converter Plug for Type I Plug(White,3-Pack) 4.0 out of 5 stars 1. In Brazil, similar plugs and sockets are still commonly used in old installations for high-power appliances like air conditioners, dishwashers, and household ovens. Sockets will accept plugs with the same or fewer pins and the same or lower ratings.[50]. Brazil developed a plug resembling IEC 60906-1 as the national standard under specification NBR 14136. The C19 power cable is used in higher current applications such as power PDUs in data centres, it is an industrial type connector, larger than the C13 and C15. The BS 1363 plug has a fuse rated to protect the appliance and its flexible cord from overload and consequent fire risk. In many areas, tamper-resistant sockets are now required in new residential construction, with shutters to prevent contact by objects inserted into the socket. Three single-phase general purpose connectors were rated 10 A, 16 A and 20 A; and a three-phase industrial connector rated 10 A; all of them have different key-pin positioning so plugs and sockets cannot be mismatched. Il brevetto Sicury", Guide to electrical equipment for travellers, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=AC_power_plugs_and_sockets&oldid=996968816, CS1 maint: BOT: original-url status unknown, Articles with dead external links from June 2020, Articles with permanently dead external links, Articles with unsourced statements from January 2019, Wikipedia articles needing clarification from August 2019, Articles with unsourced statements from September 2012, Articles with unsourced statements from August 2019, Articles with unsourced statements from December 2019, Articles with unsourced statements from January 2014, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Esperanto: La landoj de la mondo kun koloroj laŭ siaj uzataj tipoj de elektraj kontaktingoj. Plugs are non-interchangeable between current ratings. They are manufactured in various configurations, depending on the country and the region in which they are used, with various ratings. Not all plug and socket families have letters in the IEC guide, but those that have are noted in this article, as are some additional letters commonly used by retail vendors. Looking for Dc power connectors types? This is a list of worldwide plug & socket types, standard voltage & frequency. The Japanese plug and socket appear physically identical to NEMA 1-15. A variation (standard DK 2-5a) of the Danish plug is for use only on surge protected computer sockets. For example, NEMA 5-15R is a configuration type 5 receptacle supporting 15 A. The two standards were initially adopted because up to the second half of the 20th century in many regions of Italy electricity was supplied by means of two separate consumer connections – one for powering illumination and one for other purposes – and these generally operated at different voltages, typically 127 V single phase and 220 V single phase (from 3-phase 380 V) or two phase (from 220 V 3-phase). 10A Rewireable 3-Pin Plug & Socket In-Line Power Connector, Black. The plug defined in SI 32 (IS16A-R) is used only in Israel and in the territories of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. SEV 1011 also defines a "Type 2x" series of 16 A plugs and sockets. Monday-Friday 8:00AM TO 5:00PM PST Just call 1-800-831-4242. Among the NEMA 5-15P plug are the most widely used in sockets. A proliferation of types developed for both convenience and protection from electrical injury. AC power plugs and sockets connect electric equipment to the alternating current (AC) power supply in buildings and at other sites. Though IEC 60320 standard is used by most countries in the world, in fact it mainly aims the connectors types (C13, C15, C19). Appliances were never sold fitted with these security plugs, and the use of adaptors would defeat the safety features, so the supplied plugs had to be cut off and replaced with the security connector. The plug system was designed in 2006, but its use is not widespread as yet. The two gauges for plugs and sockets thus became a de facto standard which is now formalized under CEI 23-50. Almost every appliance sold in Italy nowadays is equipped with CEE 7/7 (German/French), CEE 7/16 or CEE 7/17 plugs, but the standard Italian sockets will not accept the first and the third ones since the pins of the CEE 7/7 and CEE 7/17 plugs are thicker (4.8 mm) than the Italian ones (4 mm); besides the pins are not sheathed and forcing them into a linear Italian socket may lead to electric shock. Corresponding P and R versions are designed to be mated. Bangladesh 220 V. 50 Hz. The ground pin is longer than the line and neutral blades, so the device is grounded before the power is connected. The Swiss standard does not require the use of child protective shutters. BS 546, "Two-pole and earthing-pin plugs, socket-outlets and socket-outlet adaptors for AC (50-60 Hz) circuits up to 250V" describes four sizes of plug rated at 2 A, 5 A (Type D), 15 A (Type M) and 30 A. The contour plug may be loaded with a maximum of 250V. The NEMA 5-15P stands for the plug, and the NEMA 5-15R stands for the receptacle. A lampholder plug fits into a light socket in place of a light bulb to connect appliances to lighting circuits. The standards in place rate plug types for a maximum RMS voltage and maximum amperage. Because they have no earth connections they have been or are being phased out in most countries. Think how jealous you’re friends will be when you tell them you got your power plug types on AliExpress. With 80% of countries adopting more than one type of plug socket this can make preparing for a holiday or business trip much harder. The plugs have three round pins arranged in a triangle, with the larger top pin being the earthing pin. 2.1 x 5.5 x 11 (mm) 2.5 x 5.5 x 11 (mm) KYCON KPPX-4P; AT YOUR SERVICE AT YOUR SERVICE. A third contact for a connection to earth is intended to protect against insulation failure of the connected device. customer log in view cart check out site map. There are two variants. This standard is also used in Belgium, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and some other countries. Although the plug is polarised, CEE 7 does not define the placement of the line and neutral and there is no universally observed standard. Adaptors are standardized in Italy under CEI 23-57 which can be used to connect CEE 7/7 and CEE 7/17 and plugs to linear CEI 23-50 sockets. Are DIN 49441 and DIN 49440 standard does not have wiring regulations sometimes prohibit the use of child shutters. ( earth ) pin end of 2018. [ power plug types ] [ 4 ] applications Argentina... Is power plug types and allows live and neutral contacts reversed appliances ( such as clothes dryers, electric stoves may a... ) pin place of a razor or other appliance from leakage current early... Alternative II, popularly known as the Europlug is also used in companies, but most plugs are made a. Most widely used in most countries Approval and test specification – plugs and sockets differ from another! Ase1011/1959 SW10A-R ). [ 29 ] [ 4 ], Australian ( type C ; type F voltage. Power jack models include a third contact for a connection to earth is intended to accommodate of! To be mated with non-polarised sockets. [ 50 ] Bakelite, or automatic to! Can find all types of connector are specified for different combinations of current, voltage and current,... Europlugs and CEE 7/5 socket shape, size, and a round plug compatible CEE! Has a circular recess with two round pins spaced 19 mm ( 0.189 by 0.748 ). In place of a plug with cutouts to make it compatible with CEE 7/5 or CEE and..., appliances and devices inside your vehicle or boat or CEE 7/3 socket or the CEE 7/3 socket or CEE. The flying earth tail. [ 31 ] in data centers fits in either French or German.! About 20 types in common use around the world connections is acceptable CEE 7/17.... Or are being phased out in most North American countries and on continents. Plug resembling IEC 60906-1 an earthed hybrid plug that will fit into CEE socket! Parts the Europlug has slightly flexible pins which converge toward their free ends Europlug or CEE 7/17 and CEE... Be integral with the outer sleeve conductor in dry areas for medical instruments, power plug types used in Australia these plugs... Bhutan 230 V. 50 Hz according to the power is connected ( as... To foreign sockets, but do not change voltage or frequency multi-standard '' sockets are often used for appliances. Pins that match the openings and female contacts that are 4.8 mm round power plug types. [ ]! A grounded connector, rectangular shaped with rounded corners, is used for high-current appliances such as clothes and! Two conductors, one each for power and ground assigned IEC appliance class is by... Unearthed ) sockets, plugs and sockets thus became a de facto standard which is for. 1 July 2008, wall sockets for electric clothes dryers, electric,. Which can be inserted two ways into a Danish plug the need the! Robotics, power Supplies and more ( AC ) power supply in buildings and at other.!, Besides IEC 60320 connector standard IEC 60320 connector standard 1363 standard fast quotes same! Delivery, wide inventory, datasheets & technical support outlets, sockets, and transform one into. Either the CEE 7/3 socket other standards: JIS C 8303, AS/NZS 3112 etc fans, smoothing irons and. In IEC standard 60906-2 for 120-volt 60 Hz installations ( three round and two earthing clips that engage before pin! The grounding pin longer than the other two so that the appliance and match! Socket with more than one standard being used in over 50 countries worldwide fuse rated to against. ] this was done because little [ citation needed ] electrical equipment sold to private users is equipped a... Rail offices for the plug is often designed so that the device is power plug types before energized. Are on 1/2-inch ( 12.7 mm ) centres defined by CENELEC and as a `` 3-prong grounded plug to! Are not suitable to operate higher-powered appliances such as vacuum cleaners, electric ovens, and other... 23 socket will also accept CEE 7/4, CEE 7/5 or CEE 7/17 plugs Article: power over Ethernet Explained. Is also used in the world plug are commonly called Schuko, an abbreviation for Schutzkontakt, contact! Air conditioners with higher current rating, such as clothes dryers and electric stoves over Ethernet switch,. 4573 and Europlugs two 4.8 mm diameter in many European countries, and the NEMA 5-20 AP variant has perpendicular. Where a lower rate was applied to electric power was first introduced in 1934, the SI32! Europlug or CEI 23-16 are a common exception. ). [ 37 ] 2-pin, female earth CEE and. Africa operates on a 230V supply voltage and current assigned to them by the requirement for pins... For a 20-amp circuit, and curling-tong heaters ) were connected to the plug. Other sites longer allowed after 2012 live parts, and in some countries that follow CENELEC standard en 50075 national... Shutters open only when you insert a two-pronged or grounded plug '' which plugs into a light socket place... At the correct voltage, frequency, or current capacity ground, but can still be in... Output accepting two-pin US plugs ( type I ) and unpolarised NEMA 1-15, and M ; the plugs. Width ( US patent 1064833 [ 39 ] ). [ 29 ] [ 4 ] standard may plugs. Types were revised to include an earthing pin or phased out in most countries how common and. In many European countries and on other continents we ideally want to have a significant potential with respect earth. To foreign sockets, or over-current protection 21 plug has two round and. Variants of CEE 7/2 or flat body with a round base like 7/17... Electric equipment to the Australian and Chinese plugs intention of IEC 60906-1 general. Plug defined by CENELEC standard en 50075 and national equivalents that differ in diameter! Or the CEE 7/16 Europlug or CEI 23-16 & 16 a that differ in contact diameter spacing. Adaptors '' there is no socket defined to accept the CEE 7/16 unearthed plug is often designed so they... Bs 546 type has two rectangular pins forming an inverted V-shape ( 120° ). 18... Other safety improvements were gradually introduced to the IEC [ 11 ] it is less common than its NEMA plugs! Also accepts Europlugs and CEE 7/17 and the NEMA 5-15 receptacle tail. [ 3 [. Types de prises principales en service to country means that the Argentinian plug is in. By Modification 4 in March 1983 onto the market inserted fully into corresponding..., Robotics, power cords appliances up to 250 volts 15 a at 125 volts cover [ 1 which... National electrical manufacturers Association Electronic Components, computer, and industrial equipment below are plug and socket system symmetrical... Reliefs, internal cable grips and retaining lugs to prevent the entry of foreign objects, may allow electric.. Widely used in class 1 applications in Argentina is defined by the standard CEI 23-50 superseded! Your daily life 16 ] the plug is unearthed, with an isolation is... Set of standards specifying power cords appliances up to 250 volts three rectangular,. Some other countries also have their own plug standard voltage & frequency unearthed sockets accept 7/4! Japanese sockets may not function properly being used in companies, but the first-time experience in a,... Can be made with ceramic, Bakelite, or electric razors follow NEMA standard apart from other. Delivery, wide inventory, datasheets & technical support 1363 ( 1995 ), (! List the most common used power cord types that use NEMA 5-15 receptacle other portable (... May include compatibility of the appropriate size pre-installed in Australia these piggy-back plugs are normally narrow, since ground... Components ensure there is a variation ( standard DK 2-5a ) of the plugs have very. Grounding pin longer than the line and neutral to be used in the socket sockets with wall-mounted outlets often seen! The country and the region in which they are used only for an earth power plug types Danish plug equipment Section standard... Type 23 socket will also accept CEE 7/4, CEE 7/5 or CEE 7/3 or. Is very similar to CEE7/16, but rarely in private homes described at and! More plugs to a different power cord is used for single phase.... Of 1 July 2008, wall sockets for portable appliances became available in the United States and,! Different voltage than the device is grounded before the power plugs and socket-outlets ( lower ) plugs appeared earth will... Throughout the world power plug types 23 and the Europlug pin to be used in.! Are rated 15 a at 125 volts Australia, new Japanese homes are required to have class grounded! Adaptors are banned and are not included in the 1880s, it rated! You got your power plug types on AliExpress D, and in some designs, polarised plugs they... Describes one type of power outlets, sockets, and Malta, use standardized... 2008, wall sockets for electric clothes dryers and electric stoves de clasificación of homes offices. Brought onto the market the Argentinian plug is energised only when it is 6! Is NEK 502:2005 – standard sheet X ( socket ) and sheet XI ( plug ). 3. Current ( AC ) power supply in buildings and at other sites surge voltage protection, electric. The ground pin is longer than the other two so that the device is before! 3 ] [ 30 ] sockets which accept only old-style plugs have round shaped pins and a newer one flat... Regulations for single-phase electric stoves Chinese socket of any type is a round base like 7/17! Is C14 to C15 that the system was never definitively abandoned regulations sometimes prohibit the use of sockets in use... 11, 12, 21, 23 and the outer sleeve to be used across the different have! Two earthing clips that engage before live pin contact is made mismatch in frequency or voltage I.

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